Unlock the Power of Web3: Circle Launches Programmable Wallet Service

• Circle, a global fintech firm and issuer of USDC and Euro Coin, announced Programmable Wallets as its first product under Web3 services.
• Programmable Wallets enables developers to rapidly create secure Web3 wallets for their users while preserving the UX.
• Programmable Wallet is available on Avalanche, Ethereum and Polygon, with expansion to additional chains expected in the second half of 2023.

Introducing Programmable Wallets

Circle , a global fintech firm and the issuer of USDC and Euro Coin, today announced Programmable Wallets, a wallet-as-a-service platform for developers to embed Web3 wallets in their apps and deliver user-friendly, blockchain-based experiences for their customers.

Benefits for Developers

Available in public beta, Programmable Wallets is the first product to launch under Circle’s Web3 services . Leveraging its acquisition of CYBAVO in 2022, Circle’s new platform provides developers across the world with the technical infrastructure to build, scale and operate customizable on-chain wallets for their own customers. With just a few lines of code, developers can use Programmable Wallets to launch to mainnet faster and deliver more streamlined Web3 experiences on multiple blockchain networks.

User Experience & Functionality

Circle’s Programmable Wallets enables developers to rapidly create secure Web3 wallets for their users while preserving the UX that users are familiar with. With the wallet operations tools packaged within Programmable Wallets, developers are able to manage blockchain operations and scale their apps with ease. Using familiar APIs and SDKs, the developer’s integration of fully-functional crypto wallets into apps brings new efficiencies for builders, and for users looking to store, send, receive and spend with digital currencies like USDC or digital assets like NFTs.


“ Circle’s Programmable Wallets is part of a new core pillar of our strategy to advance global mainstream utility and adoption of digital assets like USDC,“ said Jeremy Allaire CEO & Co-Founder of Circle. “ This new platform marks the first step towards Circle’s Web 3 services as we work towards removing friction from value exchange.“


Programmable Wallet beta is available now on Avalanche, Ethereum & Polygon; with expansion expected in second half 2023