Mawson Invites Indication of Interest for BTC and HPC Co-Location Services

• Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc. (MIGI) is inviting outside parties to provide Indications of Interest (IOI) for its hosting and digital infrastructure services that include BTC (Bitcoin) miner hosting, HPC (High Performance Computing) co-location, and other potential partnerships.
• Mawson has been expanding its overall capacity across multiple sites in Pennsylvania and Ohio, offering up to 55 MW in potential hosting capacity with approximately 20,000 rack spaces available.
• With the upcoming halving for Bitcoin and growing applications for AI and other HPC related hosting capabilities, there is a growing demand for reliable, scalable and well operated hosting and co-location sites such as those offered by Mawson.

Mawson Infrastructure Group Invites Submission of IOIs

Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc. (NASDAQ: MIGI) announced it is inviting parties to submit Indications of Interest (IOIs) for its digital infrastructure services including BTC mining hosting, HPC Co-location, and other partnerships utilizing its digital infrastructure locations. The Company expects a significant increase in demand for reliable and scalable rack space due to the upcoming halving of Bitcoin as well as growth in AI applications which requires more HPC co-location services.

Rack Space Availability Across PJM Energy Markets

Mawson’s digital hosting infrastructure sites are located competitively priced markets across multiple sites supported by the Company’s operational capabilities. There is strong interest in BTC mining partnerships along with the need for more digital infrastructure and hosting capabilities due to increased demand from applications like AI .

55MW Potential Hosting Capacity

The Company offers up to 55 MW in potential hosting capacity with approximately 20,000 rack spaces available at their multiple locations in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Additionally Mawson recently received notice from their customer Celsius Mining LLC that they will not be renewing their equipment colocation agreement resulting in an additional opportunity for interested companies to engage with them about potentially utilizing this space on August 23rd 2023 when the agreement expires.

Growing Demand For Digital Infrastructure Services

The increasing demand from both Bitcoin self-mining business as well as energy market programs has created a rise in interest surrounding the need for reliable, scalable and readily available digital infrastructure services such as those provided by Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc.. The upcoming Halvening event combined with new applications like AI have significantly accelerated the need for these types of services which makes now an opportune time form interested companies to engage with them regarding their available resources.

CEO Comments on Available Opportunities

Rahul Mewawalla CEO & President commented “Given recent developments there is a great opportunity here for us at Mawson but also any companies looking to take advantage of our resources.“ He believes this increase in demand creates many unique opportunities that should not be missed out on so he encourages all interested companies to look into what Mawson can offer them today