AURAS: Live Performance Art Event Unleashes 10K Unique NFTs in 20 Minutes

• Jeremy Cowart, OpenSea, and Transient Labs have announced the launch of AURAS – a live NFT performance event in Nashville taking place on May 2, 2023.
• During the event 10,000 unique NFTs will be created in approximately 20 minutes using Kaleidoscope, an image processing library created by Transient Labs.
• The artworks will be available for purchase via OpenSea starting on May 9th and the performance will be live streamed on social media.

AURAS – An Innovative Multidisciplinary Project

Event Details

AURAS is a live NFT performance event taking place at Vū Nashville on May 2, 2023. The project leverages Kaleidoscope, an image processing library created by Transient Labs that’s geared toward making photography and digital art more Web3 native. This tool helps to create 10k unique NFTs in 20 minutes which will then be available for purchase via OpenSea starting on May 9th. Additionally, the performance will also be live streamed for audience viewing pleasure.

Transparency & Trust

The main aim of this event is to prioritize total transparency, proof, and trust by showing how the project comes to life from start to finish. It shines light on the current state of the Web3 industry and lack of trust due to bots and scams dominating today’s news headlines.

Jeremy Cowart & The Blank Canvas

Jeremy Cowart will take up a blank canvas as he creates these 10k unique images in approximately 20 minutes with the help of Kaleidoscope’s generative traits that are being pulled out of each photograph taken during this event. He’ll use multiple colored lighting set-ups alongside robotics and three layers of compositing techniques to capture these visuals with precision while simultaneously unlocking their generative traits all at once!

Vū Nashville

Vū Nashville is a 16000 square foot studio featuring a 123 foot wide LED Volume and one of tallest studio ceilings in the Southeast US which provides an ideal setting for such an innovative project like AURAS where technological advancements meet artistic expression!

The Lab

Kaleidoscope used for AURAS focuses mainly on using colors from photos as part of its traits & rarity structure which makes it ideal for creating web3 native artwork quickly & efficiently! This tool will soon be available for all creators to use through The Lab – Transient Labs‘ upcoming creator studio launching later this quarter!