Strike Expands ‚Send Globally‘ to the Philippines: Faster, Cheaper, & More Accessible

• Strike, a digital payments platform built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, has expanded its “Send Globally” product to the Philippines.
• The Philippines is one of the world’s largest remittance markets, receiving more than $35 billion in money sent from abroad each year, with $12 billion from the US alone.
• By partnering with, Strike enables US dollars to be converted into bitcoin and sent via the Lightning Network to a recipient’s bank or mobile money account in the Philippines.

Strike, the world’s leading digital payments platform built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, has expanded its „Send Globally“ product to the Philippines. This expansion allows for fast, secure, and low-cost money transfers between the United States and the Philippines, revolutionizing traditional cross-border payment services.

The Philippines is one of the world’s largest remittance markets. The economy relies on more than $35 billion annually in money sent from abroad, with $12 billion from the United States alone. Strike’s new partnership with enables US dollars to be converted into bitcoin and sent via the Lightning Network to a recipient’s bank or mobile money account in the Philippines.

This expansion by Strike is an incredibly empowering experience for people to send money around the world in nearly an instant. With the new technology, users can improve on the existing cross-border experience and include those that have previously been excluded by legacy payment rails.

Not only is Strike’s technology faster and cheaper than traditional cross-border payment services, it is also more accessible, especially in countries with a high number of unbanked individuals. With Send Globally, users can send money at a fraction of the cost of traditional payment services, and the money is received in as little as a few minutes.

Strike’s expansion of „Send Globally“ to the Philippines is an exciting development that will have a significant impact on the global remittance market. It provides an innovative solution to an age-old problem of transferring money across borders quickly, securely, and affordably.

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FBI Uncovers North Korea-Backed Crypto Hackers in $100M Heist

• The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has concluded its investigations into the June 2020 crypto hack that saw US-based Harmony protocol lose $100 million worth of crypto.
• The investigation revealed that the attack was perpetrated by two North Korea-backed hacking groups, the Lazarus Group and the APT38.
• The hackers used a privacy protocol called RAILGUN to try to conceal their transactions and were able to send some of the funds to various crypto exchanges and convert them to Bitcoin.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has concluded its investigations into the June 2020 crypto hack that left US-based Harmony Protocol, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, with a loss of $100 million worth of crypto. The hacking incident, which has been deemed as one of the most significant breaches in the crypto industry to date, was perpetrated by two North Korea-backed hacking groups, the Lazarus Group and the APT38.

The FBI was able to trace the hacker’s activities to North Korea through the use of a privacy protocol called RAILGUN. The protocol was used to conceal the transactions made by the hackers and allowed them to send funds to various crypto exchanges in order to convert them to Bitcoin. However, some exchanges were able to freeze and recover the remaining funds while the hackers attempted to swap them for Bitcoin.

The FBI was able to trace and monitor the movements of the hackers, which eventually led to the recovery of the stolen funds. The FBI also stated that it is continuing to work with law enforcement agencies and exchanges around the world to ensure the safety of users’ funds.

The attack on Harmony Protocol has not only highlighted the vulnerabilities of the crypto industry but has also highlighted the need for improved security measures. As the industry continues to expand, it is essential that protocols and exchanges take the necessary steps to protect user funds. In addition, users are advised to take extra precautions and employ best practices when transacting with crypto.

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Shadow Fork Successfully Deployed: Unlock $26 Billion Worth of Staked ETH!

• Ethereum core developers successfully deployed the first mainnet shadow fork to test the readiness of the withdrawal capability for ETH staking.
• This test was the most discussed event in the crypto community as it will unlock $26 billion worth of staked ETH in the market.
• The successful launch of the testnet means Ethereum is still on schedule to deliver the withdrawal features in the next five to eight weeks.

The Ethereum core developers recently announced the successful deployment of the first mainnet shadow fork designed to test the readiness of the withdrawal capability for ETH staking. This news has been the most discussed event currently in the crypto community since it will unlock $26 billion worth of staked ETH in the market.

The Shadow Fork is part of the upcoming Ethereum hardfork, also known as the Shanghai hardfork, which is scheduled to take place around the end of February. It is the first major upgrade of the Ethereum blockchain since the Merge event in September 2022, which transitioned the Ethereum blockchain into a complete proof-of-stake system. This upgrade will allow users to stake their ETH in order to gain rewards and unlock the billions of dollars worth of ETH that are currently staked.

The successful launch of the testnet on Monday, January 23, means that Ethereum is still on schedule to deliver the withdrawal features in the next five to eight weeks. This is an important step for Ethereum as it will allow users to withdraw their ETH from staking contracts and access their funds.

The Shadow Fork will also be used to validate the changes made to the Ethereum protocol and to make sure that everything is running smoothly before the actual mainnet launch. It will also allow developers to identify any design flaws or issues that need to be addressed before the mainnet launch.

As the Ethereum blockchain continues to evolve, users can expect more security, scalability, and stability. The successful launch of the Shadow Fork is a great step forward for the Ethereum network. With the mainnet launch, users will be able to access their funds and start earning rewards through staking their ETH.

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The Wealth Matrix Review: Everything you must be aware of

Wealth Matrix can be described as an automatic trading system designed to assist cryptocurrency traders with carrying out specific duties. This article was written to inform people who are busy in the world of cryptocurrency on Wealth Matrix, a trading asset that makes use of technology to facilitate trading.


Trading is now an amazing ways to earn a substantial income around the globe. If you’re able to research and learn about markets, you could be a billionaire within a few years.

But, because of market volatility trading, making a living as a trader can be a challenge. Utilizing automated bots like Wealth Matrix trading will be made easier to access, and trading decisions are made quicker than any human being could ever achieve.

Read this article if you wish to be equipped with the information you need to start your career trading using this site.

Wealth Matrix

What is Wealth Matrix?

Wealth Matrix can be described as a robot software that is designed to execute specific trading tasks on behalf of traders. It is possible to compare it to a robot that was designed to easier for traders to deal with the burden of trading in crypto.

It’s a revolutionary design that uses artificial intelligence to make helpful and accurate market forecasts.

One of the most notable features of the platform is the fact that it permits trading using a variety of assets, like stocks, forex indexes, cryptocurrencies, indices and many more commodities. A few of the essential aspects which the Wealth Matrix can do for you is the analysis of market technicalities as well as checks for possible trading signals, the execution of trades that are in the pipeline, conduct of research on trading and more.

typically, it takes a lengthy time before a skilled trader can complete the task that was mentioned earlier. However, you can accomplish these tasks with minimal or no stress using the automated trading bot that is integrated into the Wealth Matrix. As a professional trader, and an employed by a different company The wealth matrix understands the difficulties of trying to concentrate on trading. Its solution is this fantastic trading platform

It is a great tool for trading. Wealth Matrix usually comes with an instruction manual for how to utilize it. It features an intuitive interface, gorgeous design, and makes use of simple language to allow its users to carry out the trading process. This makes the process of using the site easy and is the ideal option for those who use it.

Does the Wealth Matrix real or is it fake?

Many have fallen prey to fraudsters, imposters and fraudsters from the beginning of cryptocurrency trading. It is therefore essential to confirm the legitimacy of a particular trading platform such as an app, robot, or application before making a choice to try it. It is even more important that transactions in crypto currencies are generally irreversible, which makes the trail of crypto scams as a difficult to solve.

The positive side is that we’ve done the research for you and have is the information you need.

After conducting a thorough investigation on the program we discovered the fact that Wealth Matrix is an authentic software. It was created to cater to the needs of professional traders as well as novices.

In contrast to other crypto robots, Wealth Matrix provides a safe and comfortable environment for traders. It also provides traders with the convenience of accessing a range of reliable and knowledgeable brokers. A majority broker are controlled and monitored by credible regulators like the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC).

To answer further the question „Is the wealth matrix fraud?‘ Wealth Matrix has put a variety of security precautions in place that guarantee the best protection for its users and rid users of any imminent doubt. These include adequate security of its members‘ information and security against cyber-attacks as well as SSL secured.

What is HTML0? Wealth Matrix work?

Its Wealth Matrix robot was designed to anticipate and execute profitable trades by using a powerful algorithm driven by artificial intelligence. It’s an amazing invention that is able to look through thousands of transactions at once and find possible trading opportunities for its customers.

Because of its 8x Ultimate Trading Technology, Wealth Matrix can do a thorough market analysis for several currency pairs simultaneously.

Our analysis also confirms that the software is believed to make use of certain market indicators like that of Exponential Moving Average (EMA), Oscillator, Bollinger, Relative Strength Index (RSI) and many others.

In essence, this is the way it is done!

  1. The software employs an AI-driven algorithm for performing specific trading tasks, such as previously mentioned.
  2. It investigates trades that could be profitable as well as analyzes charts, and makes trades that are profitable in a frenzied speed.
  3. It provides a direct link to reputable and excellent bot brokers who can handle a variety of trading orders at the same time.

How can I trade using the Wealth Matrix?

A major and fascinating aspects of Wealth Matrix is that it is simple to learn. If you are a novice with no understanding of trading You can take advantage of Wealth Matrix to make trades and reap huge gains.

Because it’s a completely automated program, it shouldn’t be too difficult to manage. A lot of the new members have reported the ease of use the robot for trading.

To begin trading using Wealth Matrix, kindly refer to the guidelines below.

  1. Register as new member on their home page.
  2. Verify your identity by contacting a legitimate agent.
  3. Make deposits of some funds to trade.

Phase One Sign-up as an individual on their home page

Before you can begin trading using Wealth Matrix software or app the first thing you need to complete is to sign up as an incoming member. To sign up, go to their homepage and input the information provided on their site with integrity and complete transparency. On the page for sign-up, you’ll be asked to enter your first and last name and email address. Choose a secure password you’ll use for the subsequent logins to your account. Then proceed to the next step.

Stage 2 Confirm your identity using an authentic broker

The next step after your successful registration at the website is clicking the button’start trading‘ offered. It will take you to a different page where you will find reputable and regulated brokers within your region. In this step you might be required to submit evidence to verify your identity to ensure safety.

Third stage Place some money into trading

The only way that you could trade without putting some money into the account. This is the final and most vital step. The minimum fee you are allowed to pay in the Wealth Matrix account is $250.. However, you are free to make additional deposits. After you deposit your money you’re ready to begin trading in real time.

We recommend to start at $250 before the next level of deposit. Wealth Matrix is a fabulous trading platform that permits its customers to use an account that is a demo.

Finally, Wealth Matrix gives room for credit cards, debit cards and crypto for depositing the funds to your accounts.

Features of the Wealth Matrix Platform

Wealth Matrix possesses all the essential features needed for a reliable trading platform. Before you can claim that the particular robot for trading is amazing, you need be sure that it has certain functions and has some advantages. These are the main features that make up the Wealth Matrix.

high profitability: Wealth Matrix claims to have a winning rate of as high as 300 percent. Many of its clients have stated that they have the highest percentage of success when trading through the platform. If you deposit a minimum of $250, you stand a an opportunity to earn around $1000 per day.

user-friendly interface Another aspect to make Wealth Matrix so great. Their website is extremely user-friendly so that anyone who is new in trading can make the site without issues. Wealth Matrix also provided a easy guide for new members.

Fast Response Wealth Matrix is an automated application designed to process and scan an enormous amount of data more quickly and efficient. Within minutes, you’ll have your trading signals as well as market analysis prepared.

The minimum amount of deposit is $250 prior to beginning trading with your live account it is required to make a deposit of funds. Wealth Matrix allows its members to fund their accounts by making a deposits as little as $250. This makes them among the most competitive on the market.

Easy Transfer and Withdrawal In contrast to the other cryptocurrency-robots available, Wealth Matrix allows its customers to deposit and withdraw funds at their discretion without having to pay any fees that are not disclosed. They also allow deposits through debit cards, credit cards as well as cryptocurrency.

Safe and secure to useWealth Matrix incorporates a number of security measures to guard the personal data of its users from cyber-related threats. Some of the security measures which are in place to accomplish this security goals are SSL Security, Norton Security, VeriSign, and McAfee Security.

incorporates the latest techniques: Wealth Matrix was designed using top-of-the-line AI technology that is quick, efficient and nearly accurate when conducting analyses of the market, looking hundreds of charts and a selecting profitable trades.

Unbeatable Customer Support: The Wealth Matrix is a platform for trading that focuses on its clients‘ requirements. They are available 24/7 to respond quickly to the requirements of their clients. If you have any issues on their website, you are able to contact them by filling out a contact form on their page on the internet that is specifically for this goal.

Pros and Cons of the Wealth Matrix Software


  • Time-saving It saves you lots of time. Instead of spending hours studying the market and identifying profitable trades the wealth matrix could perform the task in a short time.
  • It is affordable to use It is not like other platforms for trading where you are required to pay additional charges for withdrawals and deposits and withdrawals, the Wealth matrix comes with no hidden charges associated with the transactions it makes.
  • Access to local Brokers After you’ve done your research and analysis with the Wealth matrix, you do not need to leave the website or application to search for brokers that can help you leverage your investment. Wealth matrix provides the ability to connect directly with trusted and reliable brokers that are regulated.
  • customer support This is where you should go if you’ve got an issue with the website or any trade-related issue you may be facing. The customer support representatives are always on hand to solve any problem you may have and provide a prompt response.
  • High-Win RateWealth Matrix was designed using the latest algorithms that are adept at handling huge volumes of data, while also doing certain trading tasks. It’s quick and efficient offering its users an advantage with an almost 80% chance of success.
  • Highly equipped: Wealth Matrix comes with an application that lets you access it via mobile phones and personal computers.
  • Has an account demo: Crypto-trading comes with some risk. We recommend that you become familiar with the market prior to depositing actual funds. Additionally, each trading platform has its distinctness. With the demo account you can get a better understanding of the platform thoroughly before depositing real money.


  • It’s not suitable for everyone: It has the deposit to be as low as $250. That means people with no money can’t trade.
  • It takes little effort: Since the bot handles the majority of trading tasks, it doesn’t allow for any improvements as an investor. In a nutshell this makes you an inefficient trader.
  • It isn’t a standalone program You can’t trade using Wealth Matrix on its own. It is necessary to join brokers for trading before making any trade.
  • Controversial There are some debates regarding the validity for the service they provide.
  • Popularity It’s not an extremely well-known product.

Wealth Matrix Endorsement and Media Hype

There isn’t any formal endorsement for the wealth matrix by any person, or even a celebrity There is also no press hype surrounding the platform. One thing for certain is that a lot of users have written favorable reviews for the platform. The pros surpass the negatives. This indicates that, contrary to the alleged wealth matrix scam claims The platform is well-liked and favored by a lot of people.

Wealth Matrix Vs Other Crypto-Robots

Wealth Matrix Other Crypto Robots
It is user-friendly. It has an app which makes it easier to use. The majority of crypto robots do not have websites.
It will allow a amount of $250 as a deposit. Some cryptocurrency robots require the deposit of $1000 as a minimum.
Wealth Matrix provides its users with a demo option for trading. Some crypto software does not provide a demo trading option.
It provides numerous withdrawal and deposit options. Some bots for crypto allow only one withdrawal and deposit option.
It comes with a high level of security, which prevents the disclosure of data. Some crypto robots do not have any way to protect the data of their users.

What is the maximum amount I can earn using the Wealth Matrix?

Each scheme to make money requires two things: skill and hard work. Are you willing to put in the effort and make a fortune? Wealth Matrix has an intelligent robot, which can make trading more pleasant, more efficient and more efficient. Certain tasks typically take hours to complete, and can be accomplished in a short time.

Awesome, right? All you need to do is make an extra effort, and set the automated according to your abilities, and start firing away.

A lot of customers have reported that they had made their first million dollars trading cryptocurrency after coming upon the Wealth Matrix. The success of this program is contingent on how prepared you are to go about your business. Since almost everything is automated, from marketing research and technical analyses you could earn as much as $2000 a day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Wealth Matrix a fake trading platform?

There is no need to worry, Wealth Matrix is an genuine and trustworthy trading platform. It connects directly to a database of licensed local brokers, so you can make live trades and make a substantial commission.

How do I go about the process of withdrawal in terms of the withdrawal process?

Contrary to other platforms that have complicated withdrawal strategies and complicated withdrawal procedures, the Wealth Matrix withdrawal process is effortless and simple. With little effort, you are able to take your money whenever you’d like.

What is the time it will take to transfer the funds into my account following the withdrawal?

The money will be transferred into the bank account that which you linked to the platform in 24-hours to 48 hours

How much is the minimal deposit required for trading on the Wealth Matrix?

Wealth Matrix allows its members or users to make deposits at least $250 to each trading transaction. Any time of the day you can payment of $250 or more for a trade.

What is the maximum amount I can earn in a month?

Utilizing Wealth Matrix the trading becomes automated, fast and more efficient. This will give you an advantage on the market and, on average, you could make more than $1000 per day.

How does this platform guard the data entered by its users?

It’s an amazing trading platform that employs a variety of safety measures to safeguard its users from hackers and other cyber-related threats.

Does anyone have a manual for using Wealth Matrix?

Yes, there’s an article that will help you make the most of your use using the Wealth Matrix. This guideline will stop you from having to deal with issues or mistakes when trading.


Wealth Matrix is a beautifully developed trading software that aids traders who trade on cryptos to achieve better trades in less time. It’s transparent and offers complete security and protection of user’s information.

It also boasts an impressive profit margin and is very easy to use. The reviews of the platform are as positive as they can get. Therefore we are able to conclusively say the site is legitimate and will live up to its promises.

It lets traders explore different possibilities. There are a number of false information about Wealth Matrix online with zero support from the website itself.

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Anleitung für Dogecoin mit PayPal kaufen

Haben Sie schon von der Kryptowährung Dogecoin gehört, die mehrfach von Elon Musk gesponsert wurde, und würden Sie sie gerne mit PayPal kaufen?

Elon Musks Lob für Dogecoin auf Twitter

Sie sollten wissen, dass es derzeit nicht möglich ist, Dogecoin mit PayPal zu kaufen, aber Sie können Dogecoin auf seriösen Börsen mit aufladbaren Karten wie PostePay kaufen.

Wenn Sie zum Beispiel hier klicken, können Sie ein kostenloses Konto bei der österreichischen Börse Bitpanda eröffnen und 10 € GRATIS erhalten, wenn Sie Dogecoin im Wert von mindestens 25 € kaufen (klicken Sie hier, um die Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung für den Kauf von Dogecoin auf Bitpanda zu lesen).

Wie oben geschrieben, ist es nicht möglich, Dogecoin mit PayPal zu kaufen, aber Sie können die Kryptowährung mit einer Visa- oder Mastercard oder per Banküberweisung kaufen und 10 € als Geschenk auf Bitpanda erhalten (das 10 € Geschenk ist nur verfügbar, wenn Sie ein Konto erstellen, indem Sie hier klicken).

Wenn Sie darüber nachdenken, investieren Sie nur 25€ + die 10€ Geschenk haben Sie die Möglichkeit, etwa 500 Dogecoins zu kaufen (wenn der Preis 0,07€ pro Doge ist), die vielleicht in ein paar Jahren 2/3€ pro Doge wert sein können, so dass Sie 1.000/1.500€ verdienen. Wenn Sie träumen wollen, können Sie an ein Wachstum wie das von Bitcoin denken, dessen Preis von anfänglich 5 Dollar auf heute fast 50.000 Dollar in die Höhe geschossen ist. Natürlich hat niemand eine Kristallkugel, und wer überlebt, wird sehen.

Wenn es hingegen nicht klappt, hat man am Ende des Tages 25 € investiert, was, wenn man sich nicht in einer prekären wirtschaftlichen Situation befindet, eine Summe ist, die sich jeder leisten kann.

Warum kann man Dogecoin nicht mit PayPal kaufen?

Bitpanda, wie auch alle anderen Börsen, erlauben es aus zwei Gründen nicht, Dogecoin mit PayPal zu kaufen:

  • Aus Sicherheitsgründen
  • Für hohe Kommissionen

Börsen wie Bitpanda sind sehr zuverlässig, da sie es nicht erlauben, Dogecoin mit Visa/Mastercard oder Bankkonten zu kaufen, die nicht auf den Namen der Person lauten, die das Konto bei ihrer Börse eröffnet hat. Wenn Ihre Karte also gestohlen wird, kann kein Angreifer mit der Karte in Ihrem Namen Kryptowährungen kaufen.

Umgekehrt könnte ein Angreifer Dogecoin mit Ihrem PayPal-Konto kaufen, und die Börsen müssten Ihnen eine Entschädigung zahlen, weil sie keine gründliche Prüfung vorgenommen haben.

Wenn die Börse PayPal als Zahlungsmethode akzeptiert, würde sie bei jedem Kauf 3,4 % + 0,35 $ Provision zahlen. Die Börse arbeitet natürlich nicht, um Geld zu verlieren, also würde sie dem Käufer die Kosten für die PayPal-Provision in Rechnung stellen. Wenn Sie heute 1,5 % Provision für den Kauf von Dogecoin mit einer Visa- oder Mastercard zahlen, würde der Kauf von Dogecoin mit PayPal die Provisionskosten sicherlich auf 5 oder 6 % erhöhen.

Wären Sie bereit, so viel an Provisionen zu zahlen, um Dogecoin mit PayPal zu kaufen?

Wenn Sie also Dogecoin kaufen möchten, um von einem zukünftigen Millionär zu träumen, klicken Sie am besten hier und eröffnen Sie ein Konto bei Bitpanda, wo Sie 10 € erhalten, wenn Sie Doge im Wert von mindestens 25 € kaufen.

Die Dogecoin-Gemeinschaft

Wenn Sie sich für das Dogecoin-Projekt begeistern, können Sie sich auch an der Community auf Reddit beteiligen, indem Sie dem Subreddit /r/dogecoin folgen, das die beeindruckende Zahl von über 1 Million Nutzern erreicht hat.

Neben der Community gibt es auch andere Kanäle, die Massenkäufe von Dogecoin organisieren, wie z.B. Discord (hier klicken, um der Gruppe beizutreten).

Unter diesen Umständen organisieren sich Tausende von Menschen, um in kurzer Zeit Dogecoin zu kaufen, um den Wert der Kryptowährung zu steigern. Ein weiteres Ziel ist es, den Dogecoin in Zukunft zur am weitesten verbreiteten Kryptowährung zu machen, so dass es bereits Online-Shops gibt, die ihn als Zahlungsmittel akzeptieren.

Amerikanischer Autohändler akzeptiert Dogecoin als Zahlungsmittel

Amerikanischer Autohändler, der Dogecoin als Zahlungsmittel akzeptiert
Zum Beispiel können Sie auf Cryptwerk die Liste der Online-Shops sehen, die Dogecoin als Zahlungsmittel akzeptieren.

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Swiss private bank NPB integrates digital asset banking

Swiss private bank NPB integrates digital asset banking services from Incore

The Swiss New Private Bank NPB will include Incore Bank’s Digital Asset Banking Services in its product portfolio as part of a cooperation.

Swiss New Private Bank NPB will make Incore Bank’s digital asset services available to its clients as Bitcoin Code part of a collaboration with Incore Bank, the partners said in a joint press release on 9 March.

Integration of Incore’s offering

NPB clients will be able to trade cryptocurrencies and use a highly secure, Swiss-based custody solution. The new services will be provided via Incore’s digital asset layer platform.

NPB has already been a partner of Incore Bank since 2013, which specialises in business process outsourcing and B2B transactions. NPB co-founder and CEO Markus Ruffner explains the decision to offer crypto services to its clients in the future as follows:

„Digital assets are increasingly complementary to traditional asset classes and we see strong demand from both private and institutional clients. With the launch of Digital Asset Banking Services, we offer our clients an additional option for diversification and reaffirm our tradition as an innovative Swiss boutique private bank.“

Incore offers plug-in solution for banks

Incore offers its crypto services in conjunction with Inacta AG. These include brokerage and custody of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, as well as advanced services such as tokenisation of traditional assets and their distribution. Banks and other Incore customers from the financial sector save themselves the costly development of their own infrastructure through the offers provided by the B2B provider.

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Bitcoin-hashrate bereikt 180 Exahash, mijnbouwmoeilijkheidsgraad stijgt, pools springen met 35%

De prijs van bitcoin is de afgelopen weken tot fenomenale hoogten geklommen en dit heeft de mijnbouwsector van de crypto-activa flink aangewakkerd.

Ondanks het feit dat de mijnbouwmoeilijkheid van het Bitcoin-netwerk met 21,72 biljoen nog nooit zo hoog is geweest, is de hashrate geklommen tot maar liefst 180 exahash per seconde (EH/s) en zijn er 23 mijnbouwpools die een aanzienlijke hashrate wijden aan de Bitcoin-blockchain.

180 Exahash en een 21,72 Miljoen Moeilijkheid

Bitcoin (BTC) blijft hoger en hoger klimmen in waarde en op zondag tikte de crypto asset een nieuwe all-time price high aan. BTC bereikte op 21 februari een kolossale prijs van $ 58.300 per eenheid en de marktwaardering van het actief veroverde 1,09 biljoen in waarde. De prijs van BTC heeft bitcoin ontginning extreem winstgevend gemaakt, aangezien de volgende generatie mining rigs overvloedige winsten maken.

De door Microbt gefabriceerde Whatsminer M30S++ met 112 terahash per seconde (TH/s) levert bijvoorbeeld $37 per dag op. De populaire Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro (110 TH/s) haalt een tikje boven de $36 per dag in BTC. Hierbij wordt gebruik gemaakt van de extreem hoge mijnbouwmoeilijkheden van vandaag en elektriciteitsprijzen van 0,07 dollar per kilowattuur (kWh). Oudere generatie mining rigs zoals Bitmain S9’s en andere 10-14 TH/s machines maken ook winst.

Het hoge moeilijkheidspercentage is nog nooit zo hoog geweest in het bestaan van Bitcoin, want de moeilijkheidsgraad is vandaag 21.724.134.900.047 (21,72T). De volgende moeilijkheidsgraad verandering wordt verwacht over 12 dagen en de mijnbouw moeilijkheid zal waarschijnlijk hoger gaan als de hashrate en als de prijs consistent blijft.

BTC’s moeilijkheidsgraad zal een procentuele sprong maken naar 21,94 biljoen op of rond 5 maart 2021. Dit is te wijten aan het feit dat de hashrate van BTC zeer hoog blijft en deze week 180 exahash per seconde (EH/s) aantikt. Op het moment van publicatie ligt de hashrate rond de 163 EH/s.

Deelname Bitcoin Mining Pool springt met 35% in 30 dagen

De stijging van de hashrate is te danken aan de extra mining pools die meedoen aan de nieuwe winsten. Een paar weken geleden wezen 17-18 pools hashrate naar de BTC keten en nu zijn er 22-23 pools. Het top wapen in de BTC ontginning business is F2pool aangezien het al maandenlang de nummer één positie inneemt. Dat komt omdat F2pool 18,92% van de totale hashrate van het netwerk in handen heeft met meer dan 28 EH/s gewijd aan de BTC blockchain.

Poolin volgt met 15% van de hashrate en 23 exahash, verovert 12,1% met 18 EH/s, en Binance Pool heeft 11% van de hashrate met 17,5 EH/s. De vijfde grootste BTC mining pool vandaag is Antpool die 8% van de netwerk hash en 13 EH/s heeft.

Pools als Viabtc, Huobi, 1thash, Slushpool, en Lubian hebben respectievelijk ongeveer 2,4% tot 7,4% van de netwerk hashrate. Na deze vijf pools komt een onbekende operatie,, Spiderpool, Emcdpool, en Novablock. Allemaal vangen ze ongeveer 1 tot 2,4 EH/s en het grootste deel van de hashrate behoort toe aan de stealth mining operatie.

Bitcoin-mijnbouw is altijd concurrerend en moeilijk geweest, maar in 2021 is het nog nooit zo moeilijk geweest om een BTC-blok veilig te stellen met 6,25 BTC en vastgelegde vergoedingen. Desondanks blijven miners nieuwe hashrate-hoogtes verbrijzelen, en blijft de moeilijkheid stijgen door deze factor.

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SBF dice que amasó una fortuna de $ 10 mil millones en solo tres años en cripto

El CEO de FTX Exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, tiene un valor estimado de $ 10 mil millones según una entrevista de New York Magazine.

El fundador del intercambio de Alameda Research y FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, ha amasado una fortuna, principalmente a través de criptoactivos en los últimos años, según la revista New York Magazine

SBF, como se le conoce en los círculos de criptografía, habló con la publicación sobre su viaje a la industria de la criptografía desde 2018. Durante la entrevista, estimó su propio patrimonio neto en $ 10 mil millones, principalmente en activos ilíquidos.

El ex comerciante cuantitativo de Wall Street se involucró en el comercio de criptomonedas en 2018 después de notar importantes oportunidades de arbitraje y encontró una manera de aprovechar la ‚prima de Kimchi‘, que era la diferencia en el precio de Bitcoin entre Corea y el resto del mundo.

Terminó en Japón debido a las restricciones en Corea y movió hasta $ 25 millones por día a través de intermediarios y bancos locales en el punto álgido de la discrepancia de precios, dice el informe .

Su imperio criptográfico, bajo el paraguas de Alameda Research, actualmente genera más de $ 2 mil millones por día, lo que significa que tiene un poder de mercado significativo. SBF actualmente se enfoca en desarrollar el intercambio de derivados criptográficos FTX y el proyecto DeFi Serum basado en la cadena de bloques Solana.

En enero, el FTX Token (FTT) se recuperó más del 100% cuando el intercambio superó el interés abierto de BitMEX y Deribit. Actualmente se está enfriando desde un máximo histórico de $ 13.60

SBF llamó la atención de los principales medios de comunicación el año pasado después de hacer una donación de $ 5.2 millones a la campaña electoral política de Joe Biden en noviembre, el principal contribuyente después del multimillonario Michael Bloomberg. La transacción, que dice, fue motivada por el „proceso genérico de estabilidad y toma de decisiones“ del equipo de Biden. FTX, que recientemente creó un índice de Wall Street Bets que incluye GME, AMC y DOGE, también ofrece mercados de predicción y se realizaron más de $ 100 millones en apuestas en el intercambio la noche de las elecciones.

Un adicto al trabajo confeso, SBF compara su propia memoria con la RAM de la computadora;

„Una ventaja lateral de las bolsas de frijoles: si duermo en la oficina, mi mente permanece en modo de trabajo y no tengo que recargar todo al día siguiente“.

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„Miss Bitcoin“ lanserer Celebrity NFT Art Charity Project

„Miss Bitcoin“ lanserer Celebrity NFT Art Charity Project

Mai Fujimotos kryptodonasjonsplattform kalte Kizuna-partnere med blockchain-spillplattformen Enjin for å selge tokeniserte kunstverk av kjendiser.

Crypto-talsmann Mai Fujimoto, også kjent som Miss Bitcoin, har inngått et samarbeid med blockchain-spilløkosystemet Enjin for å lansere den første NFT-veldedigheten i Japan.

I følge et blogginnlegg 18. januar vil prosjektets første Bitcoin Trader initiativ omfatte salg av tokeniserte kunstverk av japanske kjendiser til fordel for DxP. Dette er en ideell organisasjon som støtter unge mennesker med utfordringene som COVID-19-pandemien byr på.

I følge Fujimoto legemliggjør prosjektet det japanske konseptet „Sanpo Yoshi“, den tredobbelte tilfredsstillelsen. Med dette mener vi transaksjoner som er bra for selgeren, bra for kjøperen og bra for samfunnet:

„Når fans kjøper NFT-tegninger tegnet av kunstnere og kjendiser, kan de ikke bare nyte kunsten, men de kan også gi et direkte bidrag til de som trenger det. Jeg tror denne NFT-kampanjen vil gi glede for mange mennesker. Jeg vil Vi vil takke Enjin-teamet og kunstnerne som er enige om å bidra til initiativet. „

Initiativet vil skje via Fujimotos kryptodonasjonsplattform Kizuna. Dette ble grunnlagt i 2017 for å øke bevisstheten om potensialet i blockchain og NFT for vanlig bruk, spesielt i forbindelse med donasjoner til veldedighet.

Kizuna planlegger å samle inn over $ 20.000 på salget

Kjendiser som donerer kunstverk skal snart bli kunngjort

Fujimoto var en tidlig adopterer av Bitcoin-teknologi og har aktivt promotert krypto og blockchain siden 2011. I tillegg til å drive Kizuna, er hun også ambassadør for Binance Charity Foundation og rådgiver for flere selskaper i blockchain-området.

Enjin-plattformen gir verktøy for å integrere blockchain-teknologi i spill og lage NFT-eiendeler som kan brukes i forskjellige spill i Enjin-multiverset. Plattformen kunngjorde nylig planer om å lansere en rekke NFT-er for Atari som en del av en omstart av Kick Off fotballspillserien.

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Steve Forbes pensa que o Bitcoin ainda deve se qualificar como uma loja de valor, raízes para o ouro

O Bitcoin não é viável como uma loja de valor.

Isso segundo Steve Forbes, Editor Chefe da Revista Forbes. Aparentemente, Steve é tudo para Ouro como uma loja de valor de longo prazo. No entanto, ele concorda que o maior sucesso do Bitcoin deriva das ações dos bancos centrais ao imprimir muito dinheiro e causar inflação. Steve Forbes estava compartilhando suas idéias através de seu canal no YouTube chamado „What’s Ahead“.

Steve Forbes é o filho de Malcolm Forbes, que foi o editor da revista Forbes, fundada por seu pai B. C. Forbes. Como tal, Steve cresceu em uma família rica e agora dirige a revista. Steve Forbes não é um economista, portanto suas crenças são apenas opiniões pessoais não apoiadas por qualquer análise profissional.

Demasiado volátil

Na opinião de Steve, a volatilidade da Bitcoin não a torna adequada para a manutenção de riqueza a longo prazo. Nesse sentido, Steve pensa que a moeda principal não é a escolha certa de um ativo para manter a riqueza familiar.

De fato, o preço da Bitcoin tem visto alguns altos e baixos ao longo dos anos, mas uma olhada nas projeções maiores revela que o cripto sempre esteve aumentando de valor.


O valor atual do Bitcoin é muito mais alto do que era há 5 anos. Na verdade, o aumento do valor da Bitcoin fez com que algumas pessoas se tornassem bilionárias. Um caso em questão são os gêmeos Winklevoss.

O limite de fornecimento da BTC dificulta seu crescimento futuro

Steve continuou argumentando que um dos enormes obstáculos que impedem a Bitcoin de se tornar uma boa reserva de valor é seu limite de fornecimento.

O limite de fornecimento da BTC está limitado a apenas 21 milhões de moedas. Por outro lado, a oferta global de ouro aumenta a uma taxa de 2% a cada ano.

Entretanto, Steve não mencionou que, assim como a Bitcoin, o fornecimento de Ouro no mundo não é realmente tão infinito como geralmente se diz. A certa altura, seu suprimento também diminuirá.

Steve Forbes não desdenhava totalmente a Bitcoin como uma loja de valor. Ele concorda que o cripto poderia passar a ferro seus dilemas e sair por cima em algum momento no futuro, „mas esse dia ainda não chegou“. O Bitcoin poderia muito bem evoluir para o novo Ouro.

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